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Georgia Timberlands, Inc. has been an active participant in the forest industry since the late 1940’s. The company started as a timber brokerage business and until recently supplied wood to a vast array of mills across the Southeast.  Land management became a vital part of company operations in the 1970’s and continues to be so today as we practice forest management, always mindful of the goals of the individual or corporate owner.

Georgia Timberlands also provides the highest level of expertise in all real estate activities. Our agents are constantly in the rural timberland market and have an average of 25+ years experience in the Southeast. Since most of our agents are foresters, they can assist you with issues relating to timber management, timber pricing and valuation, as well as other factors which may be invaluable when you are buying or selling timberland properties.

We own and manage timberland as an investment and think you should, too.




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